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A lovely family seaside resort in Normandy

Quiberville-sur-Mer is a pleasant family seaside resort, ideal for swimming, water sports and fishing.

Quiberville beach is also a popular spot for surfers and sailboarders.

The municipal campsite is ideally located along the seafront, which has a fine long promenade that overlooks the beach and connects two resorts, Quiberville-sur-Mer and Sainte Marguerite-sur-Mer.

The beach cabins

Beach cabins are a family tradition in Quiberville.

They give a special attraction to the landscape: all alike, all white, they are places where parents and their children have the pleasure of meeting other families, enjoying the pleasures of the sea and having picnics.

The fishermen

Near the Municipal Campsite, you can see the return of the dory fishermen and the landing of their catch. You can sample and buy the fresh fish and shellfish in a friendly atmosphere, and there is also a stall selling oysters from Veules-les-Roses.

The Normandy cliffs

Quiberville-sur-Mer is a pearl of the Alabaster Coast with high chalk cliffs, pebbles that roll back and forth with the tides, and a beautiful sandy beach exposed at low tide.

At low tide

Seafood enthusiasts have a lovely time picking winkles off the rocks or fishing for shrimps and prawns with special nets (“pousseux”).

Families settle down for the day on the sandy beach and children build sandcastles.

Sunsets are beautiful in all seasons: the changing colours of the sea and sky on the horizon, the gilded cliffs, the shimmering pools of water ... Everything is dreamlike and poetic ...


Advice for bathers

The beach at Quiberville-sur-Mer is equipped to welcome you in the best possible conditions during the summer season. For your safety, however, be sure to check the colour of the flag before you jump into the water:

  • Green: Swimming authorised
  • Orange: Swimming authorised with caution
  • Red: Swimming prohibited
  • Blue: Swimming prohibited (temporary pollution)